8:30-8:40am: Welcome!

8:40-9:20am: (Invited talk) Jure Leskovec. Large-scale human activity traces for human well-being.

9:20-9:35am: (Contributed talk) Sabina Tomkins, Golnoosh Farnadi, Brian Amanatullah, Lise Getoor and Steven Minton. The Impact of Environmental Stressors on Human Trafficking. Best paper candidate

9:35-9:50am: (Contributed talk) Isil Erel, Lea Stern, Chenhao Tan and Michael Weisbach. Selecting Directors Using Machine Learning.

9:50-10:30am: (Invited talk) Sandra González-Bailón. Data Science and the Unintended Consequences of Communication.

10:30-11:00am: Break

11:00-11:40am: (Invited talk) Sendhil Mullainathan. The Promise of Algorithmic Policy: Judges, Doctors and Teachers.

11:40-11:55am: (Contributed talk) Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Adam Pah, Rebecca Hinds and Brian Uzzi. Links between scientific success and collaboration dynamics.

11:55-12:10pm: (Contributed talk): Abigail Bickford, Cody Buntain, Jennifer Golbeck, Sean Mussenden, Pal Doshi, Shiyun Chen, Tracy Zeeger, Sydney Vaile, Rebecca L Annis, Pushkar Deshpande, Jency Francis, Ruchira Kapoor, Gwen Hambright, Himanshu Sawant, Etienne Nadeau, Shivam Saith, Naveen Krishnamurthi and Xinyun Zhang. Identifying Stance in Controversial Topics Through Textual, Social, and Emotional Dimensions.

12:10-12:25pm (Contributed talk) Abigail Jacobs, Mathijs De Vaan and Toby Stuart. Diffusion of opioids within the family household. Best paper candidate

12:30-2:00pm: Lunch

2:00-2:40pm: (Invited talk) Ingmar Weber. Using Advertising Audience Estimates to Improve Global Development Statistics.

2:40-3:30pm: Panel discussion

3:30-4:00pm Break

4:00-4:40pm (Invited talk) Brian Uzzi. An Artificial and Human Intelligence Approach to the Replication Problem in Science.

4:40-4:50pm: Best paper award.

4:50-5:00pm: Goodbye, thanks, discussion, survey.